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Wells Fargo Credit Card
Published On: May 17, 2021 By Katia Beauchamp

Many people who have a Wells Fargo credit card spend a lot of time wondering how to activate it. This article will show you that activating your card is actually very simple! Simply follow the instructions below and you'll be on your way to enjoying all of the benefits of owning a Wells Fargo credit card!

How to apply for Wells Fargo Credit Card?

To apply for Wells Fargo Card, you can visit the company’s official website and fill out an application for a card, or apply by calling customer service at 800-411-4311 (toll-free).

How to Activate a Wells Fargo Credit Card?

To activate your credit card, simply call us at 800-603-0488 from Monday through Friday between 08:00 am - 12:00 am PST. Or you may also contact other channels such as online chat, email, fax, etc., without any cost of making phone calls!

Then enter your account number followed by the # key on the dial pad in mobile phones or * key on landline phones. Within seconds after activating it successfully will be sent to your mobile number and your registered email address.

You can activate your wells Fargo card online. Here are the steps for activating the card online is given below:

1- Go to the site

Wells Fargo Credit Card

2-Log into your Wells Fargo account by entering the username and password.

3- You will then enter your credit card's below information, as pictured in your card:

  • Card number 
  • Social Security Number
  • Card Expiry Date
  • Card Holder Name

If you entered all the information correctly, you will now submit your request to Wells Fargo Credit Card. You will be notified of success or failure in activating your card afterward.

How to Reset Wells Fargo Credit Card Account

  1. Go to the Wells Fargo website click here.
  2. Wells Fargo Credit Card
  3. Now, below the login tab you will see create new password click that link.
  4. Wells Fargo Credit Card
  5. After clicking that link now enter your username or your Social security number and click continue.
  6. Now follow the website instruction and you will create new password easily.
  7. If you forgot your Wells Fargo username then click find your username link.
  8. Wells Fargo Credit Card
  9. Now you have to enter Social Security Number and your password then click continue.
  10. Wells Fargo Credit Card
  11. Follow the website instruction and you will find the username.

If you forgot your username and password then you can reset it in a few minutes. Here are the steps for resetting your account password and finding your username is given below:

Wells Fargo Account Management

You can manage your Wells Fargo account by logging in to and signing into your account, or by calling the Wells Fargo customer service line at (800) 288-3212.

Once you’ve activated a card, you can activate additional cards for family members from your online profile. Once they are registered with their own activation code and sign-up information, each person will receive notifications when it's time to pay bills or check statements on mywellsfargocom/accounts . The alerts let them know when there's activity on the accounts so they stay updated without needing access to an email address that may change over time.

Wells Fargo Customer Service

Wells Fargo customer service

is available Monday through Friday, from Saturday to Sunday.

- Mon: 24 hours a day

- Tue - Fri: 0700 am to 0930 pm ET; Sat - Sun: closed

- Toll Free Phone Number (800) 288-3212 or international callers can reach customer service at 00(800)288-3212 for assistance with their accounts and cards. Wells Fargo has dedicated teams that are ready to help you in English or Spanish. You may also contact us by emailing [email protected] .com . We will respond within 30 minutes on the business days of Monday through Friday.*

*In some cases, your response time could be delayed due to volume of emails received during peak service at (800) 204-5927

Pros & Cons of Wells Fargo Credit Card

There are always pros & cons for everything. Wells Fargo is no exception to the rule, and their credit cards are not an exception either. In this article, we will explore the pros & cons of using a Wells Fargo credit card (from what I viewed on my own account).

*We have waived our annual fee for new customers until December 31st, 2016

- The Annual Percentage Rate (APR) ranges from 13% APR - 29%. This applies to balances that you carry at any time after opening your account in some cases it may be as high as $500 or more if there is ever an outstanding balance.*"Cash advances made by other means including ATM withdrawals and checks drawn against your Account come with a higher interest rate." **(13%)*** A an individual cardholder perspective).

*Possible pros of using a Wells Fargo credit card:

- You can use your debit or ATM cards anywhere that accepts these types of payments. - The interest rate is lower than many other competing banks. For example, the average APR on their student and starter cards are 11% & 15%. This is just a couple of points higher than the current national average for all loans.*The introductory period might be attractive to those who have not used this before (the intro periods vary depending on how much you spend). However, this depends on your personal situation if it would benefit you or not. **In some cases they offer an extra 0% apr promotion;

You can purchase items and services from a variety of retailers, including:

- -


  • - Home Depot.*It is easy to use; you can simply swipe your card or click the "pay now" button on their website while shopping online!*If you are an existing customer with Wells Fargo then this might also be a pro for you since it would allow some benefits such as cash back rewards or other discounts offered by them (depending on what type of account). There are advantages and disadvantages associated with using any credit card. A positive aspect about these cards in particular is that they offer reward points which could add up over time if used regularly. Possible cons of using a Wells Fargo credit card:
  • - You need good to excellent credit for approval. - The fees and penalties are not listed in a clear way on their website, so you have to call customer service or read the PDF of disclosures. This might be an issue if you don't use your card a lot.*Some people may find it inconvenient that they do not offer ways to pay with coins or cash at any time unless you go through third parties (i.e., Venmo).*They charge higher foreign transaction fee than most banks which can add up fast when traveling internationally;
  • Additional considerations before applying:
  • - Do I spend more than $200+ per month? If not, this is probably not the best option because there will likely be a monthly fee.
  • - Is this the only credit card I plan on using? If you have multiple cards, then it is best to use one that has no annual fees or low APR rates for purchases.*Look into whether there are any rewards programs available before applying as well; some Wells Fargo credit cards offer cash back, points, and other incentives when spending money with them.

*Some people may find it inconvenient that they do not offer ways to pay with coins or cash at any time unless you go through third parties (i.e., Venmo).*They charge higher foreign transaction fee than most banks which can add up fast when traveling internationally.

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