How to Make Coffee With French Press: A Step-by-Step Guide

French Press
Published On: January 4, 2022 By Katia Beauchamp

Making coffee with a French press is an easy and delicious way to start your day. This article will guide you through the process of making coffee, from start to finish. We'll explore what ingredients are needed, how long it takes and offer some variations so that you can enjoy this beverage however you please!

To make coffee with a French press, you will need:

  • Freshly ground coffee beans
  • Filtered water or spring water
  • A French press
  • Sugar (optional)
  • Milk or cream (optional)

Step by step guide

  • The first step is to heat the water. You can do this on the stove, microwave, or on an electric burner. The water should be hot to the touch but not boiling (about 200 degrees Fahrenheit is ideal).
  • Once you've heated your water, it's time to grind the beans! How finely ground you want them will affect how long they need to steep with the hot water.
  • A finer blend like espresso will need to steep for less time, while a coarser blend like drip coffee will need more time.
  • Experiment until you find the perfect grind for your taste.
  • Once the water is heated and the beans are ground, it's time to put it all together!
  • Place the French press on a sturdy surface, add the grounds, and slowly pour hot water.
  • Please give it a gentle stir to make sure all of the grounds are wet, then put the lid on and let it steep for three to four minutes.
  • After three or four minutes, use a spoon to push down on the plunger until it's at the bottom of the pot.
  • This will trap the grounds at the bottom of your French press, keeping them from floating up and making it into your coffee.
  • Now that you've made a fine cup of joe pour yourself a big mug and add any flavorings or sweeteners!
  • Add milk (or cream) to make iced coffee or hot cocoa; sugar if you like your coffee sweet; or syrups, spices, and other flavorings to create your perfect cup of coffee just the way you like it.
French Press

You Can Try These Variations:

  • Try using flavored coffee beans for a unique taste sensation
  • Use decaf beans if you want a caffeine-free drink
  • Add chocolate syrup and whipped cream for a Frappuccino style coffee
  • Make a Mexican style coffee by adding cinnamon, chili powder, and sugar
  • Get creative with your flavorings and enjoy a new cup of coffee every day!

What Is French Press?

A French press is an instrument used to brew coffee by trapping the grounds at the bottom of a pot and pouring out individual cups.

It consists of two parts: an outer container (the carafe) with a plunger inside it and filters attached to either end. When you push 

downward on the plunger, it pushes the filter down and traps the grounds at the bottom of the carafe, keeping them from floating up into your coffee.

This brewing method produces a stronger cup of coffee than other methods, like drip or pours over, because it steeps for longer with the hot water. The filters also keep most of the oils and sediment in the pot, resulting in a smooth, rich taste.

Why French Press Coffee Is Better

French press coffee is smoother and more prosperous than other types of brewed coffee because the steeping time is longer, and there are no paper filters to remove particulates from the finished product. The result: a smooth cup of coffee that's perfect for any caffeine lover!

How Long Does It Take To Make French Press Coffee?

To create a cup of coffee with the french press method, rely on how long you steep it and what type of beans you use. A finer blend like espresso will need less time, while a coarser blend like drip may take longer (or require multiple short steeps). You can experiment and find the perfect time for your taste.

Frequently Asked Question and

How much coffee should I use for a French press? 

How much ground coffee you will need depends on how many cups of coffee you want to make. The standard ratio is one tablespoon per cup, but feel free to adjust this as necessary.

How long do the grounds steep before the French press plunges? 

This varies depending on your grind and the type of coffee you use, but typically three to four minutes is ideal.

Can I make tea in a French press? 

Yes, you can make tea with a French press by using the same ratio of ground tea to water as you would for coffee. Steep for two to three minutes and then plunge. Enjoy!

What Type of Coffee Should I Use In A French Press?

You can use any coffee in a French press, but we recommend using a coarse grind for the best results. If you're not sure what type of beans to buy, ask your local barista for advice. They'll be happy to help!

How To Make French Press Iced Coffee?

If you want to make iced coffee with a French press, follow these simple steps:

  • Brew coffee, as usual, using coarse ground beans and hot water.
  • Pour brewed coffee into a pitcher or container and place it in the fridge to cool.
  • Once cooled, add ice cubes and any desired flavorings (sugar, milk, cream, etc.) and stir to combine.
  • Present over ice with a sprig of fresh mint for garnish! How To Make French Press Coffee For One Person

If you want coffee just for yourself or another person, use the same ratio as usual but steep it in an individual cup instead of a carafe.


Now that you learn how to make French press coffee, it's time to get creative with your flavorings and enjoy a new cup of coffee every day! Whether you like it strong or sweet, there's a perfect cup of the French press for everyone. So what are you waiting for? Get brewing!

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