Carter's Credit Card Login, Payments and Customer Service Guide: Easy Steps to Take for a More Secure Experience

Carter's Credit Card
Published On: May 15, 2021 By Katia Beauchamp

Carter's Credit Card Login, Payments and Customer Service Guide: Easy Steps to Take for a More Secure Experience
Carter’s is one of the most popular children’s stores in America that has been around since 1865. It started as a small shop in North Carolina, but today it has grown into an international company with over 300 locations worldwide! Carter’s offers credit card logins, payments and customer service guidelines for your convenience. Follow these easy steps to ensure you have the best possible experience while shopping at or any of our physical stores across the U.S., Canada or even internationally!

Advantages of having a Carter’s Credit Card

There are a lot of advantages to having Carter’s credit card, but the most important one is safety. As soon as you sign up for their credit card program they will send your purchase receipts and account information to an email address of your choice so that no matter what computer or device you are using, all your information will be safe! Their website is also secure with a lot of different ways to ensure that your information is not compromised.

  • Free shipping of things you buy with a credit card.
  • Earn two points for every U.S. dollar you spend at Carter’s store and any other key retailers that sell children's clothes.
  • Birthday gifts.
  • Carter’s Credit Card offers exclusive access to certain promotions and other bonuses.
  • As a card user, you will be invited to take advantage of the latest arrivals and certain occasions
  • Obtain a special welcome when you sign up.

How to Login to your Carter’s Credit Card Account

Carter's Credit Card
  • Click on the "Carter's Credit Card" tab at the top of their page
Carter's Credit Card
  • Enter your username and password in order to log in.
  • Tick the box next to Remember Me if you are using a private computer.
  • Double-tap on the Sign In button to access your remote card platform.

Lost Your Password? How to Recover your Login Password

To recover your login password, Carter's Credit Card offers a few options.

  • You can request that Carter’s send you an email with a secure link to reset your password
  • If you have access to your mobile phone number associated with the card, text CARTERCCPWORD and enter it on the next screen.
Carter's Credit Card
  • Under the section titled "Change or Retrieve Your Password," enter your account information and follow the on-screen instructions.Carter's Credit Card
  • In the following section, you must enter your account information - key in your user ID, zip code, and last 4 SSN digits.
  • Press the Find Your Account button once you have completed it.

Finally, follow on-screen steps to retrieve forgotten login. It may take some time to get your login information back, but when you do follow these specific steps.

Before you can apply for a Carter’s Credit Card

The application process of a Carter’s Credit Card is very simple and does not take a long time.

  • You must be 18 years of age or older.
  • Provide valid ID.
  • Have a well-known tax ID number like an SSN or SIN.
  • A valid address is required. APO mailing address is not allowed.

To apply for the Carter’s Credit Card, make sure you meet at least one of these conditions. If your application is declined, learn how to communicate with customer service.

How to Make A Carter’s Card Application

Step one: Get the application form.

Log in to your Carter’s account and go to the "My Account" page

Click on “Apply for a Card” at the bottom of the screen

Download, print and fill out the order form with required information including card number or customer ID, credit bureau code (if you have one), date of birth, monthly income amount as well as all other requested personal data. Please make sure that all fields are correctly filled. Once this is done click submit button at the end of each field. If there any errors found during the submission process please double check it then resubmits them again.

If you own an e-mail address associated with your carter's account you will be able to receive a confirmation email.

Otherwise, you can check your application status by logging in and going to the "My Account" page then scroll down the screen until you see the following message: "Tap here for more information about your card".

If there are any problems with the submitted form please contact the credit card processing department at [email protected]

Step two: Wait for approval/rejection letter from Carter's Credit Cards Department. Once approved, wait 24 hours for account activation before making the first purchase on this new account!

How to Make A Carter’s Credit Card Payment?

There are a lot of ways to make a payment on your credit card, whether it's in-store or online.

- Online: Pay by Cash (sometimes), Credit Card, Debit Card, or PayPal. You will need to enter the following information and choose "Pay" - [email protected];

- In-Store: you can pay with cash, check/money order, debit card*, credit card*(in some stores), or gift cards*. *depending upon location.

What is Carter’s Credit Cards?

Carter's offers two different types of credit cards for their customers – The Carters Retail Mastercard® which is issued by Synchrony Bank and the Carters Promotional Mastercard®, which is issued by Com entity Bank.

How do I Change my Address Information with Carter’s Credit Cards?

You can update your address information by following these steps: Log in to My Account; go onto Manage Addresses (or click here). Click "Add New Street Address" under Edit Your Current Addresses then enter in new street address, city/state.

Carters Credit Card Customer Service

Carter's Credit Cards strives to provide its customers with a wide range of customer service at your fingertips. You can contact them by phone, email and postal mail on the following:

- Toll Free Phone Number: 800-654-575 rec (800) 655-5737

- Email address: [email protected]

Postal Mailing Address: P.O Box 5027, Greensboro NC 27405 USA

Where are Carter’s Stores? Click here for our store locator page! To find stores near you, enter in your city/state or zip code below then click "Go" and select from either "All States" or only your state(s). For example , select "NC - all" to find stores in North Carolina, or just click on "NC" to view only the stores near you.

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